How to Walk Correctly

Learning how to walk correctly takes practice, practice, practice! For most models, runway walking is not a natural skill. Although most people learn to walk by two years old, runway walking requires a totally different skill set. Models must be able to find either a natural rhythm or strut to the music. The walk must seem effortless and yet memorable. Try to do all of that while wearing exaggerated high-heel shoes! Some models abandon runway modeling because they are unable to conquer the perfect walk, but you do not need to be one of them if you are willing to follow these steps. These steps will save you from spending a fortune at modeling school.

Strap On Some High Heels
The ability to walk in high heels is crucial for any model. Although not every runway job requires this type of shoe, many do. You will need to know how to walk in them without wobbling and losing your balance. To master high heels, start wearing them today and every day. Be sure to wear heels that are at least three inches high. If you are an absolute beginner and have never worn heels before, you can start at one inch and graduate into higher heels. Be sure to wear your heels everywhere that you go, including in your house. It must become natural to your feet.

Wear Tight Shoes
This is not recommended for long-term use. Every now and then, it is a good idea to test your level of tolerance and your grace under pressure. It is likely that you will model in a runway show where you cannot find your correct shoe size. You may have larger shoes, but more likely, they will be a smaller size. Learn how to walk in these tight shoes, and monitor your facial expression so that the pain does not register on your face.

Walk In A Straight Line
Think sobriety test. You should always have an imaginary line in front of you and walk so that your feet step directly one in front of the other in a straight line. This is a balancing act at first because it will be hard to keep yourself from wobbling (even if you are completely sober). Remember that the more you practice, the easier it will be.

Place A Book On Your Head
Your walk must be graceful and balanced. The oldest trick in the book is to place a book on your head while you walk. If the book slides, it means that your upper body is not steady. Consider how the most successful runway walks are always from models whose upper bodies remain straight and sturdy. The only thing moving in your walk should be your legs. The book balancing will help you correct your weaknesses.

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