Why Do People Hum

Have you noticed yourself or someone you know humming a lot? Humming is usually an unconscious act that people don't ever realize they are doing. Humming unconsciously or even consciously can mean several things and be for several reasons.

Why do people hum?

Humming is usually what people do when they are trying to soothe themselves or even someone else, as with a child or baby. Humming is just a naturally soothing thing to do. It calms the body and the mind. People usually hum to a tune that they enjoy.

Other reasons people hum include the following:

  • When a person is under a lot of stress, you may notice that they hum more than usual. Humming is a natural stress reliever. You may have noticed that they use humming in mediation practices. Although the humming isn't to a specific tune but more of a constant buzz sounding hum, it helps to relieve stress and allows you to clear your mind of everything around you.
  • People also tend to hum when they are very happy. Regardless of why, they may find themselves humming to a tune they love when they are in a good mood. There is no specific or scientific reason for this. It just tends to happen.
  • Humming can actually help alleviate or soothe sinuses. It opens up our passageways, allowing us to breathe easier. You may have noticed that a person who is having trouble breathing begins to hum. It helps them to take slow, deep breaths in. It also helps them to exhale more nitric oxide, which is good, especially for those with a blockage of mucus in their sinus cavity.
  • Those with autism are also known to hum. It is their way of coping with everything. Just like with anyone else, it helps to soothe them. Children and adults with autism have several things that they do often to help them calm themselves. While humming is a one of them, they also rock, count things, organize items and do things with their hands.
  • Some people may hum just out of habit. It may be something they don't even realize they are doing. You may pass someone at the grocery store or at work who is just humming along. They may be humming unconsciously. It may be something they have formed a habit of.

Benefits of humming

Humming presents many benefits. It is soothing, it can help you to breathe, and it can make a person happier. There are no downsides to humming. It is a naturally pleasing and calming thing to do. Whether you are humming to your favorite tune or trying to free your mind, humming helps. It allows you to take in more air while releasing more, which will automatically soothe the body and open up your airways.

Although some people may find your humming to be obnoxious, it isn't typically something that you control. It is typically done unconsciously. If you find yourself humming during a time where others are around, it may be best to try and control it or hum quieter. However, if it is the only thing keeping you calm, then go ahead and keep on humming.

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