What Is the Difference Between a Publisher and an Editor

What is the difference between a publisher and an editor? Oftentimes, editing and publishing are grouped together in one package, but these roles are distinct from each other. If you are a writer publishing your book for the first time, you will need to understand how editors and publishers operate and complement each other.

What Is An Editor?
An editor is a person who reads your article or manuscript prior to publishing. The editor checks for various types of errors in your writing and will check for spelling or grammatical errors. Most often, your editor will also check for any developmental errors and problems with your story's logic. The editor's job is to be your most critical reader. If necessary, he makes suggestions on how you can improve your story for easier reading. For minor errors, such as spelling or grammar issues, your editor may just make the quick adjustments himself.

Depending on the editor's scope of responsibility, he may be responsible for fact checking. Working on behalf of the publishing company, the editor checks all information presented as facts in the article or book in order to protect the company from libel lawsuits. If you have a conscientious editor, expect to answer several questions about your research and your logic.

What Is A Publisher?
A publisher is a person or company who produces your book. Unlike the editor, who is involved in one aspect of book production, the publisher tackles multiple areas to create a final product. The publisher is often responsible for hiring the person who edits your book. In addition to that, the publisher must create a design for your book, secure an ISBN, ship the book to the printer, and market and sell your book to various vendors. The publisher assumes all the financial risks involved with creating a book, but the publisher also reaps much of the reward if your book sells through their hard effort.

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