How Much Does a Hospital CNA Make

Health care jobs are growing at a faster rate in the United States than most other jobs. Although CNAs do not make an enormous amount of money, they do make enough to meet their needs, and there are various things they can do to help increase their salaries. Here is a look at how much a CNA makes.

Advantages of becoming a CNA

The entry requirements to this career field are low, making it a possible career for just about anyone. Training time is relatively short, lasting a few days to a few months, depending on where the person gets training. It is a career path that is expected to grow considerably well beyond 2020, making jobs more plentiful than in other careers.

Disadvantages of becoming a CNA

The working conditions for a CNA are emotionally and physically difficult. For most of the day, a person might be on her feet and may have to handle the challenges that come with working with patients who are unable to move on their own. The salary is considerably lower than in other health care positions. Many CNAs work in this career while they are pursuing more education to get a better-paying health care job.

Salary of a CNA

The average salary of a CNA working in either a surgical or a general hospital is $13.12 an hour, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. This means a yearly salary of $27,290. Nursing care facilities pay an average of $11.76 an hour, or $24,460 a year. CNAs can often make more in other workplaces.

The highest-paying workplace for a CNA is scientific development and research services. Most of these workers earn an average of $17.75 an hour, or $36,910 a year. Those who work at universities or colleges earn an average of $15.48, or $32,200 a year. Wages tend to go up according to the amount of experience the CNA has.

CNAs who end up with a nursing assistant administrative position often have a higher salary. These jobs include less clinical duties and more managerial duties. CNAs in these positions earn more than those who work full time with patients.

Things a CNA can do to earn more

As a CNA, you may not make a lot when you get your first job, but there are some things you can do to raise your salary. Experience and excellent recommendations are important. If an employer knows he/she can count on you to do the job and do it well, that confidence could translate into more pay.

Getting the proper training helps land a better salary. Those who study in an accredited school tend to do better paywise, because employers have confidence in the aide's skills. There will be plenty of work available in the future as the baby boomer population ages, so more hours increases a paycheck, too.

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