How Do I Check My Bank Account Online

"How do I check my bank account online?" is an increasingly popular question as more and more people use the Web for everyday administrative tasks. Checking your bank account online can save you time and money by giving you real-time updates or even allowing you to pay bills or make transfers through your bank's online account management system.

Find out if your bank offers online banking.
Every major bank and most small banks now offer online banking to customers. You can check your bank's Web site, or contact your bank directly, to find out if they offer online banking. You can check online by simply going to your bank's Web site. If you know the URL, you can go directly to the Web site; otherwise, do a Web search for your bank's name, and you should have no problems finding the Web site.

Once you're at the Web site, look for something that says "Online Banking," "Manage Your Account," "Access Your Accounts" or "WebBank Login." Your bank may also have some variation on these popular online banking indicators, so if you have trouble finding any reference to online banking, contact your bank directly for instructions.

Sign up for online banking.
Most banks allow you to sign up for online banking directly on the Web. Near the "Online Banking" section, look for a link that says "Enroll in Online Banking" or "Sign Up Here." Again, if you're having trouble finding the correct place to sign up, contact your bank directly for instructions. You may need a copy of your most recent bank statement or your checkbook in order to provide identifying information to link your account.

Not all banks enable you to sign up online, so you may need to contact your bank directly to have them create an account for you. Most large banks let you do this on your own, but some smaller banks may manually administer user accounts. If this is the case for your bank, contact your bank directly for help creating an account.

Login to online banking.
Once you've created an account, all you have to do to check your account is to go to your bank's online banking page and login with your username and password. Once you've logged into your online banking service, you may need to select which account you want to view. If you have multiple accounts, for example, you may need to select your personal account, or your savings account, whichever account you want to view.

From there, you can typically view pending transactions, view cleared transactions and even view or print bank statements. Some banks have an option for you to go entirely paperless, in which case you can access your bank statements online.

Use online banking tools.
Many banks provide online banking tools that you can use for everyday financial tasks. You might want to pay bills online using online bill pay, or transfer funds between accounts with your online account tools. Find out if your bank offers these tools, and look for a Help file or contact your bank for directions on using these tools. Online banking tools can take your online banking experience to the next level and make it a truly useful, time-saving experience.

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