What Do The Numbers On The Bottom Of Checks Mean

What do the numbers on the bottom of a check mean? Is there any way to decode the numbers? Do they mean anything at all? As a matter of fact, they are important when it comes to how the bank handles your money.

That line of numbers may look confusing, but in the end it's all very simple. The numbers on the bottom of your check are there because the bank cashing a check needs to be able to track several things. One, the bank needs to know what bank you bank with. Two, the bank needs to know who you are and what bank account at said bank belongs to you. Lastly, the bank needs to know what check number you used so the bank can keep orderly records of your withdrawals.

To figure this out, take out a check from your checkbook and take a good look at that bottom row of numbers.

That first group of numbers has a special name. These numbers are called the MICR information. You'll notice these numbers are set apart by two colons. This set of numbers is the American Banking Association routing number. This number identifies your bank. It is a number that was created so every bank could instantly recognize other banks regardless of name similarities since each individual bank has its own routing number.

The second group of numbers on your check is your bank account number. Now you know that if you ever have to give your account number, you can find it right on the check. You also know why it is serious business if you lose a check. This is a number you need to protect.

The third set of numbers is your check number you are using. It should correspond with the number up in the upper left hand corner.

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