What Is A Certified Check

What is a certified check? You may be interested in the answer if you have a big purchase ahead of you. Certified checks are normally used in situations where large amounts of money are being transferred, like in the case of a down payment on a mortgage or a car down payment. A certified bank check is drawn from your account and is a measure of security for the seller or institution you are buying from. It's the safest way to accept a check payment.

What is the difference between a certified check and a cashier's check?
A certified check is different from the other common type of bank check, a cashier's check. A cashier's check can be made from either your account or from the bank's funds (like when you get a check to pay the balance of the mortgage to the seller). A certified check can come from only your account.

What is a certified check?
With a certified check, the bank is guaranteeing that you have money in your account to cover the check amount. The bank will typically put a hold on the funds that are in your account in order to cover the check when the recipient deposits it.

A certified check may be necessary when you are making a large purchase or when you have had credit problems in the past. Sellers will request a certified check when they want to make absolutely sure that the check won't bounce.

How can I get a certified check?
To get a certified check, you'll need to visit the local branch of your bank. In some cases, you may be able to get a certified check from your bank's Web site. In the latter case, you'll have to wait at least a few days in order to receive the check in the mail. If you need the check immediately, you'll need to go into the branch office to get your certified check.

You'll need a form of identification, the name of the recipient, the total amount and your bank account number. Visit the teller, let him know that you need a certified check and ask if there are any forms to fill out. You will normally be charged a small fee for getting a certified check. Once the check is done being printed, you can give it to the payee.

What is a certified check? It is a check that is guaranteed. You cannot put a stop payment on a certified check. Once you have the check created, the funds are available for the seller to use when they deposit your check.

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