Make Quick Cash With Legitimate Sources You Can Trust

Is there really a way to make quick cash? Fortunately there is. Avoid debt and thwart money crunches with these sources for quick money:

Have a yard sale. Turn the clutter in your home into the extra money that you need. Dig through your closets, rummage in your basement and scrounge in your garage for all those forgotten items that you no longer need. Then set up shop in your yard and enjoy a boost to your bottom line.

Set up an online auction. If you have collectibles that you are willing to part with, you could be just a few days away from an unexpected payday. Identify items that you are willing to part with, and then set up an auction on eBay or a similar site. To maximize your profits, spend some time researching similar auctions and reviewing past sales. Then put your research to work with a killer auction listing. Most auction sites allow you to choose the length of your auction, so choose the auction time that works best with your money needs. For an even speedier payday, be sure to specify that you only accept instant payment methods such as credit cards or PayPal. This will allow you to receive payment immediately upon the close of your auction.

List in the classifieds. Look around your house for large items that you can sell: furniture, appliances, exercise equipment and lots of clothing. Then, once you've identified sellable items, arrange to run an ad in your local newspaper. You may have to pay a bit for your listing, but if you're selling quality items, you shouldn't have any trouble earning that money back and then some. If you're Internet savvy, check out services like, which allow you to list items for free.

Hit a pawn shop. Need enough money to get to your next paycheck? Forget about a payday loan and head to a pawnshop instead. Just identify an item or two that you own and are willing to pawn. Electronics, tools, jewelry, musical instruments and video games are just some of the items that will be of interest to the shop's owner. Take it to the shop, and see what they'll offer you. Just remember that if you want the item back, you'll need to pay off your pawn ticket in the allotted time.

Pick up some temp work. Often a money pinch isn't enough to warrant getting a second job, but it could be grounds for picking up a little temp work. Check around with your local temp agencies to see if they have any openings available or, if it's close to the holidays, consider a seasonal job. Many stores hire extra workers to help out during the busy holiday season and are eager to get you hired and trained quickly, thereby placing you on the fast track to a paycheck.

Tap your talents. Do you have a talent that others consider valuable? If so, put it to work and enjoy the extra income that follows. Put out the word that you're willing to prepare meals for busy people or that you're looking for a few landscaping jobs or lawns to mow. Whatever your expertise, you're sure to find people who are willing to pay for your services. Spread the word among friends, and consider adding a listing on or in your local newspaper.

Quick cash really can come from legitimate sources. Commit yourself to finding the money that you need, and you're likely to come up with a way to get it.

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