Hit the Career Reset Button: The advantages of attending college online

Earning your college degree is a large investment of both money and time-whether you're a student in an online college, or in a traditional classroom setting. And, so, before you delve into information about various online colleges, trying to determine which school and degree will help you achieve your professional goals, it's worthwhile to make sure the resources you invest in college will be beneficial to you. In the long run, will earning your degree online be worth it?

The short answer: yes.

The slightly longer version: more and more every day, for a few different reasons.

First, in today's professional world, the vast majority of rewarding careers require a college education. If you want to be an accountant, getting your online accounting degree is a good way to go. If your goal is to be a successful businessperson, there are many well-respected universities that offer online MBA programs-or, if you're not yet that far along, earning your online bachelor's degree is an intelligent next step.

As today's business environment becomes more finely defined, the benefits of having your college degree continue to grow in number. For instance, if your professional goal is to become a lawyer, we all know you need a graduate degree and to pass the BAR Exam in order to gain the proper credentials.

But if your goal is to become a paralegal, should you just plow into the job market, or will schooling offer you an advantage? Paralegals provide detailed help to attorneys in a variety of key tasks. From for closing arguments to researching legal precedents to obtaining affidavits, their work is precise and detailed. It's interesting, engaging work, and career paralegals are paid handsomely. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that most entrants into the paralegal field have an associate's or bachelor's degree in paralegal studies.

The second reason earning your degree online will be worth it: online schools have gotten really good. In the past, if you wanted to pursue a career in healthcare, say, and you wanted formal education to that end, you'd be compelled to attend classes at a college nearby, during the evenings or weekends. Either that, or put a lot of your life on hold for one or two years while you studied.

Not anymore. The online world has evolved: today, with what techies and marketers call Internet 2.0, there are countless numbers of reputable colleges and universities offering classes and degree programs online. eLearning technology has been refined quite a lot, even in just the last couple of years. That healthcare job? You prepare for it by signing up and getting your healthcare degree online. Where we stand now, being an online student means you learn from home, from work, or anywhere else-no commute. You learn when it's convenient for you.

The third and perhaps ultimate factor is simple to examine: You can make much more money by earning an online college degree.

Every year, the data put out by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics show that a college degree correlates directly to your salary range. On average, a person with a Master's degree earns $31,900 more per year than a high school graduate-a difference of as much as 105%! A focused education is an essential ingredient, and offers a direct path to professional success. Once you're in-when you've landed a job in the profession you want-you'll find that your salary will reflect your credentials.

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