Moms Benefit from Online Degrees

Being able to find time is one of the biggest obstacles most adults face when considering pursuing higher education. Although the career and personal benefits of a degree are clear, many adults simply don't have the time to juggle work, friends, family, and class. That problem can be especially bad for mothers with children (and even worse for working moms), who are also usually responsible for the majority of the child- and home-related tasks

For many, taking the time to drive to campus, attend class and take exams is simply not an option. The inflexible time commitments of attending a traditional college can be daunting for a mother of young kids to even consider. What if the kids get sick during final exam week? No one wants to have to choose between family and school

Online universities allow students to take classes from home at their own pace, without having to cut into family time in the evening. Though it may result in sacrificing some sleep, moms are finding out that they can do their coursework online after they've tucked the kids into bed.

These benefits may be a key reason that mothers across the country are taking advantage of the internet to earn their degree. Based on a recent survey by the Department of Education, adults with children under 10 are a swiftly-growing segment of higher-education students. With the growth of options in online education, it's no surprise that more busy parents are finding time to finish their degrees.

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