How to Get Free Cars for College Students

Free cars for college students aren't common, but they do exist. The trick is finding free cars without falling victim to scams that can cost you hundreds of dollars.

Cars for college students programs.
Some groups and organizations do run programs designed to give college students cars for free. Check with local groups for help tracking down these programs. Legitimate free cars for college students programs are typically administered by religious or charitable organizations. If you find a program administered by a private organization, make sure you do thorough research to avoid falling victim to a scam.

Free car charities.
In addition to programs specifically designed to target college students, you'll also find some charities that provide free cars for low-income individuals, regardless of whether or not they're students. If you don't have any luck with college-student specific programs, try contacting these general free car charities. Competition for free cars in these charities is fierce, as they never have enough cars to go around to all the individuals who need them, so you may need to try several programs, or you may not have success at all with this avenue.

Drive a car wrapped with an advertisement.
More and more companies are now turning to car wraps as a method of advertising. These cars may have anything from a simple company logo to a full cosmetic workup for advertisement. Some companies pay individuals to put these advertisements on existing cars, while other companies provide advertisement-wrapped cars free of charge to people willing to drive them. The difficult task is finding a company that offers free cars, as companies tend not to advertise this fact.

Beware free car information sites.
If you're looking for a free car, you'll find plenty of free car information sites offering info about where to go to find free cars. Unfortunately, these sites charge you for membership to access the information, and the information they have is typically available free of charge if you do some research.

If you do join one of these free car information sites, be aware that they typically provide you with only a list of companies that offer free car programs. You'll still have to complete applications and undergo any qualification processes. The only thing you get from these free car information sites is a list of programs.

Beware of car donation scams.
Some programs advertise free cars but are actually elaborate scams. If a company guarantees a free car with a "minimal fee," it might be a scam. Most of the companies that offer free car programs don't have associated fees, or if they do, it's nothing beyond a small application fee. Before you pay a fee to a program that offers or guarantees a free car, do extensive research to determine that it's not a scam. A quick Web search for the name of the program you're considering and "scam" can help reveal if other people have had trouble with the program.

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