Career Change Option: Your County Government

If you're looking for a job, like most of us anymore, or simply a change in career, you've probably applied to every typical employer that you can think of in your area that you can see. What you might not have considered as a place to get a job, however, is your county government offices. They may be willing to hire you on as a contract worker, a part-time employee, or, with luck, a full-time employee. 

How to Apply:

  1. Have a Resume: This can never be stressed enough. Include a list of other places you've worked, if applicable, as well as the hours you would be available.  Since you may or may not be interviewed, this could be a crucial element. Also, include any relevant skills you might have, like technology specialties, or organizational skills. Make sure your resume is concise, and very clear.  
  2. Look up your County Online: Though this step may seem overly basic, it could lead to vital information, like which departments might need help.
  3. Submit your Resume: Either follow the steps suggested by the website, or if none is available, visit the county offices yourself to physically turn in copies of your resume. You may not hear back from the county immediately, as offices can get very busy at times. 
  4. Check Back in Two Weeks: Either email the offices you applied to, call the offices, or physically check back in to express your interest.
  5. Be Polite and Smile!  This cannot be stressed enough. Patience 

What to Expect Once You're Hired:

  • Be expected to perform a very wide range of tasks from filling out paperwork and receipts to organizing flies, to customer service and answering the phone.
  • Be able to maintain patience and courtesy no matter what.  Sometimes the people who will come into the office are very agitated and have had a previous bad encounter with the county.  
  • Open a good line of communication between yourself and your boss. It may be necessary to handle complaints that they are too busy to hear, or to help them present an idea to a committee.

Just be prepared to be tenacious, and Good Luck!

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Continuing education should be your first stop if you are considering a career change. Not only will continuing education help you gain knowledge about a new field, but you can also see if this direction is worth pursuing.

A career change can be liberating. However, it can also be expensive once you factor in a potentially lower income and the cost of going back to school. Yet not all career changes have to involve classes.

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