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What if your interview is tomorrow? Most people are pounding the pavement each day in hopes of finding a good paying job. But what if you got a call from a prospective employer about your dream job? Are you prepared for the interview? What if your interview is tomorrow? Are you ready?

Here are some suggestions to get ready for that interview.

Step 1
Sit down and think through the interviewing process for about 30 minutes. Who will you be talking to? The Hiring Manager? HR Manager? The interviewing styles will be different for each one.

Practice your 90 second elevator pitch to yourself. Also, ask a friend to help you with a mock interview, if possible.

Step 2
Make sure you have a professional resume, free from errors.

Step 3
Find out the dress code if you can and make sure you have clean professional attire for that day. Dress a little better than they suggest.

Step 4
Do some quick research about the employer. Go to the company's website and note a couple of items to discuss. Read the latest press release (if there is one). Write down a few critical facts about the company: How big is the company? What are its top selling products? Google to see what information is out there that you may need to know. Note the location of the job, name of the interviewer, and hiring manager.

Step 5
Be prepared for open-ended questions, such as "Tell me about your job search over the last few months?"

You may want to write down and practice the following:
A previous work achievement that shows a quality that is relevant to the job.
Show you have the right fit for the job: shared values, leadership style, and teamwork; What you are passionate about?
Critical hint: You will need to Sell Value:  such as strong work ethics; Solutions: such as increase in productivity; Outcomes: such as increase sales; and your Critical Skills relevant to the job/employer.

Story Telling
Write down and practice telling a couple of your best or greatest achievements.

Wrap up
Write down a couple of important questions to ask the interviewer.

Keep saying to yourself: I am worth it. I am confident. I have the skills for this job.

Say a prayer and get a good night's sleep. Make sure you arrive for your interview 15-30 minutes before the start of the interview. This way you will get time to unwind and relax. "One final thought: Show confidence." 

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Make sure you dress for success for your next interview to show that you are professional and interested in the job.

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