How Is A Second Job Interview Different From The First

Once you land a second job interview, you have a dramatically higher chance of receiving a job offer than you had at the first interview. Companies hiring employees typically use the first interview as a screening, and the second to determine if you are the right candidate. Looking for a new job is a process that often follows a predictable course. The second interview is different from the first, and it's good to know and anticipate what will happen. Here are some of the differences:

The Employer's Goals
In a second interview, the employer is looking for some more specific information than in the first. The first interview was to determine if you're a good fit for the organization. The second interview helps the interviewer decide if you have the specific qualities to fit in with the employee culture, how you would be supervised and what you could contribute as a member of the staff. There may be an opportunity for you to meet others that you would work with, including supervisors.

How You Can Meet The Employer's Goals
Knowing what the employer is looking for helps you tailor your responses to meet his goals. You want your personality to shine in this interview, and also highlight how well you can work with others, listen and be responsive. Prepare to talk about teamwork, and have some specific examples in mind.

People You May Meet
You may meet a number of people during a second interview. Each person has a different goal in terms of meeting you:

Human Resources. The HR representative will prepare you for the interview and give you more information. You may have some forms to complete. This is the person to ask specific questions about the way the organization works, or your interview process.

Your Potential Supervisor. This person will decide if you will be a good supervisee. Be personable, professional and confident. You want to show that you are a flexible team player who also can work independently. Have examples of times you have shown these characteristics, and prepare some questions about the particular position for which you are interviewing.

The Higher-Ups. The managers and main boss of the organization will be looking to know if you are ambitious and promotable. Be sure to let them know you have goals that reach years into the future. Workers who will stay and grow with an organization are highly valued.

Additional Tips
Research the organization. Know the way it works and the history of its origins, and have some follow-up questions or answers from your first interview. Bring additional copies of your resume and references. Remember too that you are trying to decide if you want to work for them. Do you feel you would get along well here? Is there room for advancement? Would the environment fit your personality? Use this interview to get a sense of the potential for your career.

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