Part Time Hiring Jobs For Teenagers

To find part-time hiring and jobs for teenagers, you can look for jobs online for your teen or search in the local paper. Most teenagers want temporary jobs that will pay well per hour and are flexible or seasonal.

Start by talking with your teen to find out what kind of job is best for her. Many jobs for teens won't be advertised, as demand can be high and availability low, so, once you've exhausted the advertised jobs, you may wish to make contact with local companies and organizations. Or, you can help your teenager start her own business. The following are possible jobs for teenagers you may not have considered:

Assistant Coach For A Sports Team
If your teen excels in a specific sport, approach local organizations to see if anyone wants to hire her as an assistant coach or a referee. For example, good swimmers as young as age 16 can take swimming lessons to qualify as a life guard or assistant coach, or soccer players as young as age 14 can take refereeing lessons to become a linesman referee. Parents of younger athletes may be willing to pay a nice hourly wage for one-on-one training sessions, and coaches may pay to have someone out there on the field supervising drills.

Fast Food Restaurant Employee
You have to be 16 to get these jobs, but you can find plenty of teens working both in and out of the mall at fast food restaurants. These can be perfect stepping-stone jobs, providing flexible hours and a taste of work in the real world.

If your teen is good with kids or has a special skill, you can help her establish a babysitting or tutoring business. Your child only needs to be 12 years old to work as a babysitter or tutor, and she can say yes or no to hours as they work with her schedule. Make sure your teen takes the Red Cross babysitting course and knows CPR and other life-saving techniques so she can be trusted with this kind of responsibility.

Lawn Care Service
Most teenagers are capable of handling a lawn mower and weed whacker, so why not capitalize on these skills? Your teen will get good exercise and learn a little about small business while bringing in a tidy sum of cash.

Pet Care
Is your teen a pet lover? Help her establish a pet care business. If your teen's high school lets out early, your teen could get a few regular clients who need their pets walked in the early afternoon, plus extra for when people go out of town and need round-the-clock pet care.

Any of these jobs could be considered appropriate for teenagers, and they have the flexible schedules teens need so they can balance their new responsibilities with a little summer fun.

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