How Job Corps for Teenagers Can Guide Career Paths

Are you curious about how Job Corps for teenagers? If you are one of the millions of youth around the country who is interested in beginning a career, Job Corps may be a viable option.  Although it has been around for almost 50 years, most people are unfamiliar with Job Corps for teenagers. This government program has directed hundreds of thousands of young people into long-lasting careers.

What Is Job Corps?
Job Corps is an educational program provided by the United States Department of Labor. It is free to qualifying individuals. The program teaches basic skills, along with specialized vocational training. People can also attend Job Corps in order to obtain a high school diploma or G.E.D. (General Educational Diploma). Job Corps is opened to youth between the ages of 16 through 24. The length of training varies because the programs are self-paced. Training generally lasts between eight months to two years.

Job Corps has over 100 training facilities across the United States and Puerto Rico. These facilities include onsite dormitories for students. These dormitories are also provided at no charge. Students are expected to live on site for at least one year. Transportation to and from the facilities is provided free of charge, and students receive a monetary stipend. Additionally, students also receive health and dental care. Once students graduate, Job Corps helps them find work.

What Is Taught At Job Corps?
Along with teaching the basics in computer literacy, Job Corps offers a wealth of vocational training. Some of the trades you can learn in Job Corps include carpentry, culinary arts, automobile mechanics and nursing assistance. Students also learn driver's education and how to excel at job interviews.

A Brighter Future
Students who attend Job Corps are better equipped for entering the work force. Job Corps works with all its students to find the best program for their aptitudes, personality, training and experience.

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