Tips For Finding Jobs For Teenagers

It can be challenging to find jobs for teenagers, but, once you start looking, you'll discover employment opportunities abound. Your teen may just need a little creativity and initiative to find the right job. Try the following strategies to give your teen some help:

Capitalize On Your Teenager's Strengths
The first strategy to consider is how your teenager's strengths can be used to make money. Is your teen an excellent musician? See if anyone wants to hire him as a guitar teacher or a piano tutor. Is your teen a soccer fanatic? Sign him up for soccer refereeing classes. Is your teen good with kids or pets? Help him start a babysitting, tutoring or pet-care business. If your teen is academically advanced, see if your local elementary school will hook him up with tutoring opportunities.

Search For Jobs Online
You should also check your neighborhood online forum or advertise in your neighborhood online newsletter for your teen's skill set. You may find the perfect job for your teen right in your neighborhood as the neighborhood social committee organizer or neighborhood pet sitter. You will also find local jobs advertised online.

Check With Local Business Owners
If you know local business owners, ask them if they need an assistant to stuff envelopes, mail marketing materials or answer phones. Find out if your local landscaper needs someone to shovel rock and spread mulch. Small business owners may be willing to take on your teenager because they know your family.

Look For Help Wanted Signs
You can find entry-level jobs for teenagers advertised in local store windows. Keep an eye out, and you'll start to notice ads for part-time jobs that are suitable for your teen.

Ask For Referrals
If your teen's friend has a job, ask the teen's family to refer your son to the hiring manager. Sometimes a good word from a good employee is all you need to get your foot in the door.

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