How To Become A Successful Online Freelance Writer

In the first place anyone who wishes to be an online freelance writer must understand that this field is different from being a freelance contributor for print media i.e. magazines and newspapers, in many ways. A few basic rules to become a successful online writer are as follows:

1. Primarily, if the purpose of being a freelance writer is not to propagate some ideology or to accomplish any specific mission then one must realize that earning money is the prime aim of this job. All those writers who want to satisfy their inner urges to communicate their thoughts to internet users may also do so but in that case their success would not be measured through counting their earnings;

2. Always remember that your earnings are directly related to the number of viewers you succeed to obtain. In simple words, whatever you write must not be for yourself but for all others who access the internet. Although, it is important that you may not cater for the interests and demands of all surfers but at least there must be some thousands or even hundreds out there who have some interest in whatever you are trying to communicate;

3. The popularity of your articles is never dependent on your intellectual expressions and scholarly viewpoints. The realistic approach is that most of those who surf world wide web are common folks looking for remedies, solutions, answers, definitions and entertainment whenever they sit in front of their computers. Only very few of them go for creative pieces of writing, literary themes and other bourgeois discussions. Further, all of those users who wish to look for some innovative and brainstorming material click on specific sites that offer such matter quite profusely. Anyone who wants to be read by a particular class may make an effort to contribute for these websites provided that they accept freelance write-ups;

4. It is very true that the popular searches and widely sought keywords, on the internet, keep on shifting on a daily basis depending on the rapidly changing affairs all around us. However, the global, national and local trends take time to change that may spread over days, weeks, months or sometimes years. For example, the topics relating cold weather may be a concern for a short period during winter season nevertheless diabetes and hypertension continue to remain hot subjects under present global health conditions. Similarly, during the days of college admissions parents and students need some counseling and guidance while on the other side advices on poverty alleviation and self employment remain to be hot searches as long as the current economic slowdown persists. It all means that an online writer needs to look for the ongoing concerns and the interests of web surfers before selecting the topic of his or her article; 

5. Do not feel shy to ask your friends, relatives and acquaintances to read your articles online. Perhaps many of them never knew about your writing skills and, hence, by drawing their attention you shall not only improve your readership but would provide them a better chance to know yourself. Nobody knows that there are so many friends out there who like to help you out but they can't do so only because you feel uncomfortable to reach them! It is also not very difficult to find some buddies who favor you by forwarding the links of your write-ups to their contacts;

6.     A good writing needs a lot of reading, specific knowledge about the subject, command on language, ability to reason and analyze the viewpoints as well as a knack of communication. All of these qualities may never be god gifted but require the same dedication, enthusiasm and perseverance as needed to learn any other trade. However, sometimes it happens that a person does not know about his own inherent capabilities and the same stand discovered whenever he decides to take the plunge. Who knows that if such revelations of skills await a mere attempt on your part!

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