How to Write an Introduction for a Guest Speaker

Need to know how to write an introduction for a guest speaker? If you are the host of a business event, you may need to warm up the audience for a guest speaker. A speaker introduction is a formal setup for the information to follow. In a business conference setting, it may be only a minute or so long, while other events may demand a lengthier introduction that lists the speaker's credentials. Either way, writing introductions is a professional and polite way to honor someone who is taking the time to speak at your gathering.

Short Introductions
When it comes to writing a short introduction, it's a good idea to list the two or three most impressive and relevant facts about the speaker. Generally, start with the oldest or smallest achievement, and build up to his crowning achievement. If you are not familiar with the speaker's accomplishments, it's perfectly acceptable to communicate with him before the event to get those details straight from the source.

Longer Introductions
At some corporate events, it's more traditional for someone to spend a few minutes on an introduction. These kinds of speaker introductions can include anecdotes and even subtle humor if the situation allows.

Tips And Techniques

  • Mention the speaker's name in the intro several times because he is the main focus.
  • Write the introduction so you grab the audience's attention and prepare them for the speaker.
  • Be clear about why the speaker was chosen and how his knowledge applies to the event.
  • Use active voice when writing an introduction-it brings energy and confidence to the words.
  • Remember that the introduction is like an appetizer and should never upstage the main course. An introduction to a speaker is designed to hold the audience's attention until the speaker begins.
  • Include some kind of visual handoff as part of the introduction. Many introducers welcome the speaker with a handshake or embrace, or they pass over a handheld microphone after their words.

With these tips, not only will the audience know what to expect from your speaker, but your speaker will also feel more comfortable speaking to the group.

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