Writing a Five Star Novel


There are numerous ways to write a novel. You have to get the basic concepts of your manuscript down at first, and then follow up with a powerful dialogue between the characters. Most writers use five acts in their story, which include an exposition, a rising action, a climax, a falling action, and a resolution.

Have your protagonist ready! The main character is the most profound attribute in your manuscript. Including details of the character's mindset and surroundings gives your story a vital punch. Your antagonist (as silly as it may seem) does not really need much development, depending on your story. If you do have and want a major antagonist in your manuscript, develop them as powerful as your protagonist. Look at pop culture today. Batman's equivalency to the Joker was very powerful. Spiderman and the Green Goblin developed a profound bond, even though it was a bad one. The Lisbon Sisters and the Neighborhood Boys were not developed, but their relationship was through Cecilia Lisbon's diary and the Lisbon's belongings. Most protagonist-to-antagonist scripts are very well developed, so when writing a script, you should try to make your characters as juicy as possible.

Your settings are the key! Make sure you choose a location that determines the mood and the vivacity of your script. For example, if you are writing a mystery, create or choose a melancholy setting. Some readers find settings more enticing than the characters themselves. It shows the structured world around them.

Have a killer climax! The climax is the highest point of your script. It makes readers wonder what happens next, and whether or not they will purchase your next installment. Climaxes are usually revelations of self, or others, and sometimes face-to-face endeavors. A great climax is what you are initially writing for; it shows the readers who you are, and what skills you possess.

Have confidence! Writing is a struggle, but do not let it get the better of you. Keep yourself focused and your script intact. Review your story over and over, until something clicks. Outlining each act helps create new ideas, and finish old ones. Hydrate yourself with fluids, and remember: be the best you can be!


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