A Better Way to Save Money on Groceries

There was a time not so long ago that many families bought take out food for dinner more than once a week. However, many are now preparing and eating more meals at home than in recent years. It can be a challenge to shop for groceries and get the most for the money, but there are several ways to save money on groceries and still feed a family in a healthy way. 

One of the best ways to save money is to make your first stop at one of the deep discount stores.  Dollar Tree and 99 Cent Only stores are both deep discount retailers of general merchandise that are popular and can be found all over the country. Many of the items available at either of these stores are things that we need to stock up on anyway, and items that you can feel confident buying no matter what brand they are. Paper products, napkins and party supplies can be had at great prices. You can also find tomato sauce, canned vegetables, soups, beans, batteries, cleaning products, and health and beauty items. 

Other items that you stock up on such as rubbing alcohol, peroxide, foil, sugar and vinegar are products that increase in price depending on the name brand. The product itself will be the same no matter what brand is attached to it, so why pay for the name when you can save money on the same item?  Of course, a look at the labels is important if you care about cutting out preservatives and want to buy more organic products. You can do this at deep discount stores as well. A recent trip resulted in finding canned pinto and garbanzo beans with nothing added to the product that would be a concern to anyone trying to eliminate preservatives.   

Clipping coupons always seems to be popular advice when it comes to saving money on groceries and this is great advice most of the time. However, you will not save much money if you get 50 cents off of an already higher priced packaged product, or on an item that you never use. Don?''t buy something just because there is a coupon for it. Many packaged products are not the healthiest choices, anyway. Read labels and look at the overall cost. There are times when you can save more money by comparing prices than you can with coupons.

Thinking ahead, making a grocery list and taking a little time to create a sample menu for the week ahead will save you money at the grocery counter as well. When you already know what breakfast, lunch and dinner is going to be, you are less likely to buy what you don'?'t need. Planning ahead will also help you to make smart choices in choosing foods that add nutrition and will go a long way toward feeding more for less money. Peanut butter, eggs, cheese, and beans are all inexpensive and healthy choices.

Saving money at the grocery store has become a bigger challenge in recent months and it can seem that it is harder to feed a family now than it ever has been. It can be accomplished, however, with a little planning and making smart choices.

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