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In today's ever swan-diving economy, people ask themselves, how they can cut back on bills? Well, you are in luck because there are many things that can be cut back on, such as phone services, cable tv, Internet and various other common expenses. The best part is you don't need to lose the services or the comforts of them at all.

This article will tell you a few ways to save tons of money on those pesky cell phone bills. Ok, so most people say they need a cell phone for emergencies and what not. This is true to an extent, but how often are we really in deep emergencies where it is absolutely necessary to make that call? Also, keep in mind that, if the call is to another person and not the authorities, there is a chance they might not pick up. Also, let's face it: Most people use their cell phones as their primary contact numbers. The average person spends nearly one hundred dollars or more a month between a cell phone and land line. Today, you will learn how to cut these needed expenses into a third, if not at least half.

First off, let's mention Skype. Skype is a voice-over IP service that typically runs from one's home computer. This service, when done properly, will allow you to have home and mobile service for one flat fee. This also includes your own phone number and voice mail. The yearly cost for unlimited incoming and outgoing calls is approximately $95.40. Skype offers mobile phones with built-in WiFi that you can set to pick up any signal automatically. They also have cordless phones for the house and for those of us with kids? Well, their PSP supports Skype fresh out of the box; therefore, it works as a cell phone.

Now you may ask, what if there is no WiFi service? What if the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere? Well, there are many services such as TracFone and AT&T that offer very cheap prepaid services as low as $15. AT&T allows these prepaid balances to stay on their mobile device for up to 90 days. This in turn would be the true emergency number so that if your family or whoever saw it they would know to pick up immediately. Now in total for phone service your yearly bill would equate to $155 a year. Mind you, this is both home and mobile combined. If the average monthly cell phone bill is say $50 monthly, and the average home phone bill is $35 monthly, that's $85 a month times twelve months would equal $1020 yearly. So, in the end this tip would save at least $865 yearly.

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