How To Repair Luggage

Learning how to repair luggage can save you a lot of trouble and money the next time you travel. If you are a frequent traveler, you may want to repair some of the damage done by frequently using your luggage. You may also need to repair luggage if you have a nice set of leather suitcases that have passed through their warranty period. Finally, if you have collected some vintage hardside suitcases and want to make them look like new, you'll need luggage repair tips. Here are some of the most common luggage repair situations and simple ways to make your luggage more functional.

Repairing Suitcase Wheels
For many people, a broken wheel on a suitcase is the end of the suitcase's functionality. However, using this tip, you can replace the wheels and make your suitcase run smoothly again.

To remove the old wheels, either use a screwdriver to unscrew the axel or pull out the rivets, depending on the type of case that you have. Use the old wheels to find new wheels that will fit. You can find a variety of replacement wheels online. Once you've received the new wheels, place them into the luggage, and screw them on. Test out the wheels to make sure they aren't wobbly, and adjust if necessary.

Repairing Zippers On Luggage
Zippers are another common luggage feature that break down quickly. Don't let a broken zipper prevent you from using your favorite piece of luggage. If your zipper isn't closing, inspect it carefully to make sure that there aren't any stray threads that are getting in the teeth of the zipper. If you find threads, use a small pair of scissors and tweezers to remove the threads.

Repair a gaping zipper by taking the zipper off the bag at the metal stop. Move the slider down the length of the zipper, and realign the teeth a few at a time. Zip up the realigned teeth, and then stitch the zipper back on the bag.

You can install your own zipper pull by removing the old pull completely with a pair of pliers. Then use jewelry wire to create a new pull with beads. Attach the new pull to the top loop of the slider, and you should be able to use your zipper again.

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