Financial Advisor Marketing Strategies

If you're thinking about becoming a financial advisor, you will want to include specific marketing strategies in your business plan. It will take you some time to build up a solid client base, so much of your initial investment in your new career will involve financial advisor marketing strategies. Once you've built up a solid group of clients, you'll be able to spend more time building out plans for those clients and monitoring investments.

The following marketing strategies can help you find those initial clients:

Promotional luncheons
One of the best ways to get new clients to consider your services is to hold promotional luncheons, coffee hours and other presentations where you teach a lesson on basic investment strategies and serve potential clients something to eat and drink. People are more willing to take the time to listen to you if they know they will get something out of the meeting-even if it's just basic information on how to handle a downturn in the economy and a free sandwich. While you'll have to invest money for the venue, advertising, and the giveaway, the long-term clients you may snag can be worth the investment. Once you've gotten people in the door, you have a much better chance of convincing them to trust you with their investments. Make sure your presentation is truly useful and showcases your ability to manage their assets!

Take advantage of this cost-effective way to follow up with potential clients by sending out timed email blasts. You can write up a monthly informative newsletter, each containing timely, useful information, and send it out to everyone on your email list. Make it your goal to collect email addresses as you campaign for new clients, and then follow up with friendly, easy to read, quick email messages and newsletters. If you prove useful enough, some of those receiving your e-campaign messages may take action and allow you to manage their investments.

Don't be shy with your existing clients. Look for ways to incent your clients to refer friends and family to you. Consider offering a kickback to any clients who refer someone to you, and mail invitations to promotional events to your existing clients, asking them to bring along a guest.  Referrals can be a steady way to gain new clients, since satisfied customers are a testimonial to your services. 

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