Grants for Daycare Centers

Searching for grants for daycare centers has proven difficult for many small business owners wanting to open up a daycare. Because a daycare's status is most often "for profit," it is almost impossible to locate grants for childcare. However, opening up a daycare is the same as opening up a business if you are doing it with a license, and there are grants available for small business owners. If you will be watching children and providing parents with a Tax ID, and if you have a license, you will be essentially operating a small business.

Small Business Grants: To help get funding for your daycare business, you will want to search for small business grants, not daycare grants. There are many funding opportunities out there for business owners, but it may take some searching to find a grant that fits your needs and for which you will qualify. Once you have found a few grants to apply for, you will need to write a grant proposal. Grants are highly competitive, and as such you will need to make sure your proposal is professionally written, even if it's written by yourself. You will want to be sure to have a complete business plan laid out before you begin writing, so you can accurately convey your goals, plans and the intended outcomes of your business.

Writing A Grant Proposal: While you can hire a grant writing professional to do your application for you, it's possible to save yourself some money and write the grant proposal yourself. Take your time, look online for grant writing tips and make sure your writing stands out above all the rest. Have your proposal reviewed multiple times by different people with a good grasp of the written English language and grammar. If possible, have a loan officer or someone in a similar lending/funding position review your application and give you tips on how to make your grant proposal perfect.

Securing Other Sources Of Funding: If you hit a brick wall after submitting several different proposals to different grant programs, you may need to start considering other sources of funding. Unfortunately, many small business owners are unable to realize their dreams because they can't even get started. However, the funds needed for a home daycare are quite minimal, and you may be able to secure them through a small bank loan, from a home equity line of credit or through a personal loan from friends or family. Once your business is up and running, you will quickly earn the cash flow to repay the funds that you borrowed. 

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