Hair Salons With Special Services

Salons today are not just places where you can go and get your hair washed, set and styled or maybe permed. Most places offer a whole range of things for your hair, face and nails. All of these extras not only bring in more money for the owner's bottom line, but they also attract a wider range of clientele, perhaps bringing in new customers for regular salon services, too. Here is a look what a few hair salons with special services provide.

Hair removal

One special service offered by hair salons is hair removal. Most establishments use the most modern techniques, such as electrolysis, waxing, threading and laser. They can remove unwanted hair from your lip, eyebrows, chin, leg, arm, back and underarms.

Hair texturing

Often women don't like their hair the way it is, or they get tired of it and want a new look. Hair texturing can really make a difference. Salons offer special perms, relaxers, straighteners and anti-frizz treatments, depending on the new look you prefer.

Keratin treatments are especially designed for women with curly, kinky, frizzy hair. These women often spend hours trying to get their hair to behave the way they want. This treatment leaves the hair straight, soft and manageable. Treatments take approximately 90 minutes and last for two to three months.


Reflexology is now being offered in some larger hair salons. This is a method of stimulating parts of the body through massaging the corresponding reflexes in the hands and feet. Through this stimulation, blood supposedly is able to flow through the body uninterrupted and supply the necessary oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body.


If your skin is dry and looks dull or has started to age prematurely, a facial could be beneficial. Salons offer several different types, depending on what your skin needs. A classic treatment is a facial cleanse with a massage of the neck and shoulders. Other types of facials deal with issues such as acne, detoxing, aging and pigment balancing.

Special packages

Some salons specialize in special-occasion services. You can arrange to have the salon style the hair of all the women in your wedding party, or the night before the wedding, you can have a girl's night out and take all of your wedding party for a massage and conditioning treatment to help everyone relax. Birthday parties are another special package that some salons enjoy hosting. All of the guests can have their nails done.

Packages like these are a great way to tempt customers to try new services and hopefully get them to partake in them regularly along with their usual cut and blow-dry.

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