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Looking at a list of hair salon names can help you find just the right name for your new business. Since your business name is the first thing that customers will learn about your hair salon, it's important to choose one that reflects your identity, one that is easy to remember and one that is unlike the competition. In recent years, hair salons have emerged with some pretty creative names, reflecting the fun-loving, feel-good associations that a new hairstyle can bring.

Reflect Your Identity
A hair salon name should immediately identify what kind of business it is. While some names may sound elegant, such as Pinnacle Designs or Majestic Coiffures, customers won't know those names are for hair salons. Choose a hair salon name that clues the customer in to what they can expect. Examples of hair salon names that follow this important aspect are: Super Shears, Five-Dollar Haircuts, Hair Flair and Fashion Hairstyles.

Make It Easy To Remember
A hair salon name should be catchy and flowing. Because so many of your clients will be calling for appointments or to ask questions, your employees will be constantly answering the phone using the hair salon's name. Avoid tongue twisters such as Thy Hair Be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven or Canavacciuolo Hair Styling Salon and Beauty Parlor.

Name branding is another reason to keep the hair salon name easy to remember. You'll want your salon name to be easier to remember than your competition, as customers will often choose the most memorable name from the business pages. Some easy-to-remember hair salon names are: Cut -n Curl, Sunshine Styles, Clip-a-roo, Redo Your -Do and The Hairport.

Choose A Unique Name
Analyze the hair salon names in the area of your own business, and eliminate any name possibilities that sound similar or even have the same root word in them. For example, if the competition is named Hairzilla, don't choose a salon name like Hair Tours or Hair Envy. Instead, choose a hair salon name that doesn't begin with "hair," such as Snip and Style, A Cut Above or Shear Perfection to avoid confusion for clients. In order to register and trademark your hair salon name, you'll also have to confirm that no other business in the country shares the same name. 

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Find articles about starting a hair salon business, list of hair salon names, hair salon slogans.

Find articles about starting a hair salon business, list of hair salon names, hair salon slogans.

Find articles about starting a hair salon business, list of hair salon names, hair salon slogans.

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