How to Fill Out a Quit Claim Deed

Knowing how to fill out a quit claim deed is important if you wish to transfer your interest in a piece of property to another person. There are certain elements that quit claim deeds must contain in order to be legally effective. If there are no other claims on the property, a quit claim deed can be simple and easy. However, a quit claim deed does not give any guarantees about the property, including other claims to it.

When To Use A Quit Claim Deed
Several common scenarios call for a quit claim deed. During a divorce, a couple can agree to transfer the property to one party or the other. Often, people use a quit claim deed to place a property into a living trust for estate planning purposes. Even when a property is sold, a grantor may sign a quit claim deed for the grantee.

There are eight requirements that must be present on a quit claim deed to make it legal:

  1. The full legal names of the grantor and the grantee must appear.
  2. There must be a detailed description of the property, one that meets legal requirements.
  3. The property's location must be disclosed, including address, county and state.
  4. The dollar value of the property must be included, even if it is only an estimate. If there was a purchase price, that should be included.
  5. A notary public must sign the document to make it legal.
  6. The grantor must sign the document, signifying the intent to transfer interest.
  7. The grantee is required to sign the quit claim deed in some states.
  8. Witnesses other than a notary public may be required to sign in some states.

Quit Claim Deed Templates
If a guarantor is still unclear about how to fill out a quit claim deed, it is a simple thing to download a quit claim deed template using the Web. Several online experts, from attorney and legal advice Web sites to real estate Web sites, provide quit claim deed templates that merely require the guarantor to print and complete. The legal wording is already in place and simply offers prompts to the guarantor to fill in the blanks with the necessary details. However, these templates are best in uncomplicated situations, and these sites may not provide detailed information if you have questions.

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