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Understanding a few home inspection tips can make the process easier. Hiring the right home inspection service is one of the most important steps in buying your new house. The structural integrity of your purchase is the most important part of the process and hiring the right home inspection specialist can assure you that you're making a good decision. Your new home is composed of heating and cooling, plumbing and electrical systems and held inside a wooden frame covered with bricks, rock or vinyl. There is much more to your purchase than how the house looks from the outside and it takes a home inspection service to understand the complex nature of your new home's structural soundness. 

You should only hire a home inspector with the best credentials and a great reputation. Do not go with the lowest bidder, this being a true case of getting what you pay for. Make sure your home inspection service intends to provide a comprehensive written report after the inspection rather than a checklist, which makes little sense to you and is of no use to the uninitiated, i.e. you.

Make sure your home inspection service has no problem with you attending the inspection. Make sure your inspector has proper equipment. If he's walking around with a pen and notepad and nothing else, his services are not worth the money you're paying. Do not be passive during the inspection. Follow the inspector through the house, ask questions and expect answers. If they aren't forthcoming, keep asking. This is your investment and you're entitled to answers.

At a minimum you should also make sure the inspector reviews the foundation, framing, plumbing, heating and cooling systems, and all electrical systems. Make sure he inspects the roof, the doors and the windows, as well as the sidewalks, driveways, porches and decks. Finally, make sure your home inspection service inspects the interior of the home, looking for such problems as water damage, outdated electrical systems, asbestos and mold. It's also a good idea to test the water and test any underground storage tanks if applicable.

Again, make sure all of this information makes its way into a comprehensive report that makes sense to you. If you've hired a good home inspection service you should have a good handle on the exact condition of your new home. You should know what needs fixed, when and how much it may cost you. You should also know whether you are making a good purchase or whether you should look elsewhere.

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New home inspection checklists are crucial for the prospective homeowner, as they ensure that the property is accurately represented and that all necessary processes and procedures have been completed. It is a process that lets new homeowners discover problems that might otherwise be missed.

What is a home inspection? Simply put, a home inspection is a visual examination, performed by a trained home inspector, of the exterior and interior structures and systems of a residential home.

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Before you finalize the sale of a home, you should hire a third party to do a home appraisal and inspection of the property. Inspections are meant to uncover any problems with the home that could affect its livability, safety or value.

When home inspections reveal issues that are not up to code or result in health or safety concerns for whatever reason, the prospective buyer has several options.

Before you purchase real estate for investment, you had better know exactly what you're buying. In other words, what's the true condition of this property that will cost you a small fortune?

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