Top Six Real Estate Sites for Buying a Home

Are you planning on buying a home in another part of the country? If so, check out the top six real estate sites for buying a home. Web sites for buying real estate might save you time and effort.

Web sites for buying a home include: is an arm of the National Association of Realtors. The National Association of Realtors was established in 1908 to establish a code of ethics for realtors. Today, the NAR has over 1,000,000 members. When using, you can look for properties by price and number of bedrooms and baths. You can also check the prices of homes that have sold recently in the area in which you are interested. Additional services include help finding an agent from the National Association of Realtors, finding a mover, finding a lender, learning about your credit rating, and finding out about market conditions. is a division of Classified Ventures, LLC., and partners with online newspapers nationwide, such as The Los Angeles Times, The Miami Herald, and The Chicago Tribune. You can search for homes by property type, by number of bedrooms or bathrooms, and/or by price. Information on local markets is available. Articles include information on mortgages.

Coldwell As the nation's oldest real estate organization, Coldwell Banker is committed to customer service and providing professional assistance during the buying process. Homes can be searched for by price, number of bedrooms, and/or number of bathrooms. Information on the Web site includes tips on mortgages, interest rates, and relocation. The Web site also offers videos on topics ranging from installing a hardwood floor to buying your first home. also offers the Personal Retriever, a way to save important information related to the homes in which you are interested and options on how you would like to receive new listings. With more than 8,000 franchises internationally, Century 21 is dedicated to providing high quality services to buyers. Homes can be searched by price, number of bedrooms and/or number of bathrooms. In addition, homes can be searched by whether they are having open houses or have virtual tours available. Century 21 also provides information on mortgages and interest rates as well as tips on financing. Buyers can receive e-mails with new listings and look for schools in their area of interest. is the online arm of RE/Max, with franchises internationally. Visitors can search for homes by price, number of bedrooms, and/or number of bathrooms. The site offers information on buying a home and choosing a real estate agent. RE/Max can assist you in prequalifying for a home through Bank of America. RE/Max also offers information on mortgage rates and includes a real estate glossary. allows you to search for a home via property type. Information on this site includes articles about buying homes and home appliances. You can also investigate the value of the property that you currently own.

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