Free Government Grants for Home Repair

Free government grants for home repair can help low-income homeowners fix issues that threaten the safety and well-being of those residing in the home. Few people qualify, but these grants may be the only way that some homeowners can finance critical repairs.

The Home Repair Loan And Grant Program
The federal government began the Home Repair Loan and Grant program to help the elderly, those in extremely rural areas, the disabled or low-income homeowners to improve their living quarters. The grant money cannot exceed a certain amount and can be used only for repairs or upgrades that will truly improve the home's structure.

Qualifications For Grants
The first set of qualifications restricts the number of those who can qualify for a home improvement grant. The applicant must be a permanent legal resident of the United States and have a fair credit history. The applicant must also prove that his household income is at or below the poverty level for his county or region. Some grants are specifically targeted for the elderly or as government grants for first time home buyers-and each one has different application processes.

The Purpose Of The Home Improvement
The reason for the money needs to meet certain qualifications as well. The project must address issues that threaten the health and safety of the home's occupants. Examples include removing and replacing asbestos ceilings in a home or upgrading faulty electrical systems to get the system to meet current codes. The improvement must show that, when completed, the home will be considered safe and that no outstanding hazards exist. The grants cannot be used to build additions, remodel for cosmetic reasons or modernize areas that are not considered hazards.

Grants Or Loans
While a standard home improvement loan requires financing and a payback schedule, a federal government grant does not need to be repaid. These are generally awarded to seniors over age 65. If a grant is awarded, it generally has a maximum limit of available funds. The government also supplies loans to other individuals, such as low-income families, with reasonable repayment plans and low interest rates.

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