How to Write a Lease Termination Letter

Knowing how to write a lease termination letter can help you when it is time to move out of a rental property. When you follow a certain format, you'll ensure that all the legal information is included to make the message work for you.

Several elements must be in a proper lease termination letter. Once you have these aspects covered, the lease termination is ready to be delivered. Try to hit all the following points:

Give the date that you plan on vacating the apartment. Be specific in this, and use actual dates rather than vague general timeframes. The landlord will have many tasks to schedule upon your departure to make the place ready for new tenants, such as painting, carpet cleaning and repair work.

Outline your understanding of the current lease agreement. Are you still locked in a lease and you are breaking it, or have you gone month-to-month? Depending on how the language of the lease is structured, you could owe fines or pay fees for breaking it. Most certainly, you will forfeit your deposit. If you are giving a 30-day notice, you are likely entitled to part or all of your rental deposit.

Request a formal walk-through. Inspect the apartment with the landlord, and look for damages and wear and tear together. You should have filled out an inspection form upon move in, so fill out the move out section of that to compare and contrast any problems in the home. It's important to know what kinds of damages the landlord plans to charge against your deposit.

Establish the process for returning keys. Some landlords prefer a personal handoff of keys, while others have a drop box or simply want you to leave the keys inside the property for them to pick up later.

Provide a forwarding address. With your new address, the landlord can send any old mail, as well as your security deposit check. It's a common courtesy to let the landlord know your future address so that, should anything arise, he can contact you and open up communication.

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