Ways to Legally End a Lease Agreement

Renting an apartment isn't as simple as paying your rent every month, when there are lease agreements involved. Some lease agreements can be for as little as six months. Others can last far longer. Violating these agreements can result in legal action. Your landlord can sue for the entire amount owed, and can even evict you. There are many reasons a person may need to break a lease agreement, and there are some ways to get out of one.


One way to legally end a lease agreement, is to simply ask your landlord. Sometimes, if you have a good reason for breaking the lease such as career relocation or other conditions, he or she may dissolve the agreement. There are times when the landlord may ask for you to pay a final month's worth of rent to cover the inconvenience of ending your lease, and some may withhold your security and cleaning deposits for this reason. Other times, your landlord may just say no.

Contract Breaching

Determine whether or not your landlord has been completely honest in how they wrote up your rental contract. Check your lease agreement copy for any inconsistencies. For example, if your lease agreement states that your landlord is responsible for timely fashioned repairs in your apartment, but they haven't committed to that, you might be able to end your lease, legally. If your lease agreement states that you are to pay a set amount for rent, but your landlord raises your it without first notifying you via certified mail, this can also be considered a breach of contract.


There are several other small instances that can grant you a legal dissolution of a lease or renter's agreement. You can even sublet your apartment to another renter for the duration of your contract to avoid any legal situations. Many landlords will allow you to sublet, if there are valid reasons for doing so. Subletting and lease laws vary from region to region, so research some of those laws in your area. You can also take proper steps to end your lease contract in situations where your landlord has become abusive, or has used harassing tactics to address issues .

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