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Moving company scams can cost you a lot of money and spoil the excitement of getting a new home, so know what you can do to protect yourself.
The excitement of moving to a new home can quickly become stressful once you look around your house and think about moving all your belongings. If you're saving money and doing it yourself, here are some simple packing tips.
By Diane Fitzpatrick
Hiring professional movers can make your life easier, as long as you hire the right movers and keep them happy. A few simple steps will help ensure that your items will arrive at your new place safe and sound.
Moving sometimes means having too many cars, not enough drivers or just the inability to drive your vehicle to your destination. If you can't drive the car yourself-perhaps you have more vehicles than drivers or the distance is too great for the car to handle-consider all your options for car transport.
By Diane Fitzpatrick
Lending a helping hand in your community not only helps those in need, but can also encourage others to follow suit.
By Doris Christelis
One of the most stressful parts of moving is determining your budget. From the bare-bones do-it-yourself move to the all-inclusive professional relocation, moving costs vary depending on the location, distance and size of your move. Even full-service moving company costs can fluctuate, especially if you choose to have the moving crew unpack or travel long distance, so don't count it out until you know what it will cost.
By Diane Fitzpatrick
Use this moving list to finish up a move within eight weeks.
Moving should be a time for anticipation and excitement, but all too often it's just a source of stress. Following some simple moving tips will let you enjoy your move and help everything arrive in one piece.
By Anika Logan
Amid all the excitement of buying a new home lays a decidedly less glamorous chore: moving there. It's kind of like getting ready for a stroll down the red carpet at a Hollywood premiere and having to drive yourself there in a 15-year-old sedan.
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