Moving Out of the House? Take No Prisoners

Moving house is never a task to be relished, but when it comes to getting the job done, the approach of 'taking no prisoners' can't be beaten. If you set about your move with a stoic determination and a ruthless intent, then you are almost guaranteed a successful outcome

Plan with military precision

You can't start planning for a house move too early. As soon as you know that you will be moving out of your current house, you should start drawing up detailed plans of what needs to be achieved. Devise lists that reflect the different sort of tasks that you will need to complete. Draw up a list of addresses to be changed, services to be connected, goods to be purchased or replaced and goods to be sold, recycled or disposed of. That move day will come a lot quicker than you expect and many of those tasks will be dependent on other the time schedules of people or businesses, so plan early.

Round up the troops

Many hands make light work, and when it comes to moving house, this is absolutely the case. If everybody in the family is going to share the home, then everybody needs to share the burden of moving it, too. Assign specific tasks to different members of the family, ideally related to what they do best. Even the kids need to take their share of the work, so encourage them to clean and sort their own bedrooms, toys and clothes. Friends can also be enlisted. Don't be afraid to ask for help and don't be afraid to ask people to use their connections to get you great deals on services.

Be ruthless about what stays and what goes

Moving house is a great opportunity to declutter your life and possessions. Over the years, it is amazing just how much stuff you can accumulate in your home, much of which you will never need again. Moving house can also be expensive, so take the opportunity to sell things you no longer need or want, through a garage sale or on eBay. Donate items to other people, or recycle as much as possible, but try to be ruthless about what you really need. This is a great chance for a fresh start!

Ensure that the troops are all looked after

When it comes to moving day, everybody will be tired, if not completely exhausted, by the end of the day. Whatever your plans, ensure that everybody involved has plenty to eat and drink, and take plenty of breaks. All that physical exertion takes its toll on everyone, but you'll get there much more easily with an army that marches on a full stomach. Think about the first things you will need at the other end. Where did you pack that kettle and those cookies?

Moving house is stressful enough without leaving things to chance. Plan meticulously and leave no stone unturned to ensure that moving day is as simple and stress-free as possible by adopting a military strategy.

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