Understanding Rental Moving Truck Insurance

If you are considering getting a rental moving truck, you will be entrusting your most valued possessions to someone else's vehicle. You need to be sure that you're renting from a reputable company that offers insurance for the truck.

Different Companies, Different Standards
Before you pick a moving truck company, you need to do some research. Some moving companies are better suited for short moves instead of cross country movies. There are also different standards for insurance between these types of companies. If a company knows that its truck will not be used across the country, they may carry less insurance on their vehicles.

Rental insurance is not standard on all rental moving trucks. Some companies may require it, but most will not. The rental insurance is a separate fee that is charged per day. When you are renting a moving truck, the moving company representative should go over the insurance details with you. Even though the moving truck rental company will provide you with a detailed description of the insurance policy, it's helpful to understand the basics.

What Rental Moving Truck Insurance Covers
Insurance will protect you and the vehicle if you should get into an accident. It may also protect your possessions from damage and theft. Contrary to popular belief, your regular car insurance cannot protect you while you are driving a moving truck rental.

You can choose from two different common types of rental truck insurance. Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) will cover you if there is a claim made against you or the moving truck rental company by another party. In these cases someone else is making a claim for damages against you while you were driving the truck. The other major type of insurance is Limited Damage Waiver insurance (LDW). This form of insurance protects you from paying for any damages incurred on the rental truck, up to a certain amount.

If you are concerned about your valuables, ask your rental company if they offer assessed value insurance. This form of insurance will help cover the cost of your items should they be damaged or stolen during your move. Assessed value insurance is a good idea if you are moving cross-country, but it probably isn't necessary if your trip is short.

Before you move, be sure to check your household or renter's insurance policy. Your items may be covered by your other forms of insurance, so you won't have to spend money on the rental insurance.

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