How to Find Out Property Taxes by Address

Finding property taxes by address is easy to do online when you use the Web site of the county where the property is located. Many people wish to determine what the property tax is for a residence or business building before purchasing it so they can have a complete picture of the annual costs associated with the purchase. Others are interested to see what property taxes are for neighboring counties or when contemplating a move to a different state. Even if you don't have a computer, you can get the information from the county recorder's office or tax assessor's office as long as you have the address.

Online Convenience
You can perform a property tax lookup on any of the public records that appear online by visiting the official Web site of a state or county. For example, to look up the property tax for an address in Miami-Dade county, you would head to the official Miami-Dade government website. There is link to the Web site of the Miami-Dade County Tax Collector's office, where you can simply enter the address in the search box. Click the locate button, and the property details will be presented. You could also search by owner name. Most county government Web sites will be set up in a similar manner with easy search options via address. It is much easier to plan to pay property taxes when you know the amount.

Mail Option
If you don't have access to a computer or would like to get a hard copy of the property tax for a residential or business space, you can contact the tax assessor's office directly. All you need to do is compose a letter that requests the property tax amount for the specific address you have in mind. Many offices have an official request form to fill out. The request will be processed, and the property tax will be disclosed to you.

Just the Tax, Ma'am
Note that when searching for property tax information, the numbers you find on the official government Web sites should be used only to determine property tax information. There is no guarantee of the completeness or accuracy of the information to be used for real estate or insurance purposes, not should it be considered wholly up to date for title searches. It is merely a tool to find out what you will pay in property taxes. The information is truly meant to reflect the amount of property tax for the year on a given property.

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