Grants For Single Mothers

Grants for single mothers can be the very thing that propels you from a frustrating situation to a successful career. Whether you want to return to school or start a small business, there are financial aid solutions available specifically for single mothers.

What kind of aid is available for single mothers?
You will find a variety of financial aid options for single mothers. Student loans are temporary loans that must be paid back. Venture capital is an investment into your small business in exchange for a share or part ownership in your new business. Grants for small businesses and grants for single mothers are given out to single mothers who show determination to better their situation through either returning to school or starting a business. Grants are the best financial aid opportunities because they do not need to be paid back.

How can I find grants for single mothers?
Grant opportunities of all kinds are available online, as long as you make the effort to search for them. Two resources that list plenty of grants for single mothers are and For government grants for single mothers, go to your state's Web site. You can also check for federal grants.

How can I avoid scams?
Beware of any grant that asks you to pay money along with your application. Research any grant before you fill out the application, and look for warnings online that suggest the grant in question may be a scam.

Once I find a grant, how do I apply?
You will need to follow the grant application process to the letter as described on the grant Web site or in the grant application package. Read through the instructions several times before you begin applying. Print out all essays and written statements, and have a friend proofread and edit them before you cut and paste them into online applications or write them into hard copy applications. If you are filling out a hard copy application, type instead of handwrite your application. Make sure you give the most compelling reason for you to be the single mother who wins the grant; the competition is bound to be stiff. If you are not a good writer, hire someone to write the grant application for you.

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