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Generating business name ideas may be one of the most crucial aspects of launching a new company. Because a business name is the main focus of the company's image and the source of branding the product or service, the name should be considered carefully in order to best represent the current and future goals of the company. Here's how to analyze what makes a good business name and narrow down the possibilities.

Write down all the words that relate to your business. They can be as closely related or as far-off as possible. Choose words that also represent the image and atmosphere you want the business to give off. Words that describe an architecture firm will be different from those for an ice cream store. Use a thesaurus, and include more words from the ones you've already generated. You can also use one of the many name generators found online for help in finding the perfect business name. Just enter a few key pieces of information, and the name generator will search business names and deliver a variety of options.

Many business names are descriptive, in that it is clear what the business is just from the name. Consider a name that is not cute or clever, but straightforward and allows potential clients to know exactly what the company does. Some examples are: Butler's Dry Cleaning, Toddler Time Clothing and Pinnacle Law Firm. Include creative words, colors and images to add style to a business name, such as the Stardust Hotel, Penguin Ice Rink and Hockey Arena or Granny's Diner. A business name should also be memorable, so keep it short and punchy. Try relying on different literary tools, such as alliteration or rhyme, to achieve the right effect.

Mix and match several different combinations, always keeping in mind the ultimate image and branding of your company. When you have come up with around six names that you like the best, enter them into an online business name finder. These sites search business names all over the country to ensure that your business name will not inadvertently copy one that is already in existence. You should also run your name finalists past as many people as you can, from colleagues to family members, to get honest critique and feedback.

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