10 Unique Ways To Get Your Name Out There

Creating a small business is not an easy task. Neither is getting the word out there that your business exists. AdWords and other advertising endeavors are great, but people tend to be more attracted to unique forms of advertisement (take the million-dollar web site, for instance). Here are 10 ways to catch people's eyes and let your name be known.

The following list is explains cost-effective and unique ways to promote a business or Web site. While each business is unique, these examples may be applied to almost any service or product you offer.

  1. T-shirts have become a new and interesting way to advertise. Put your slogan, logo or Web address on a few shirts, and give them away. The people you give them to will look into your product along with some of the people who see them wearing the shirt.
  2. Decorate your car. If you sell camouflage, paint your car accordingly placing your business name and phone number on all four sides. You would be amazed how many people see your car throughout the day. Make your car eye-catching, add your contact info and let the customers come to you.
  3. If painting your car is a bit eccentric for you, you may decide to advertise your product or service on bumper stickers. Give them to your friends, family and co-workers. Many Web sites offer cheap bumper-sticker-making services.
  4. Make a jingle incorporating your business name and/or Web site, and post it everywhere you can on the web! The more silly and interesting it is, the more people will inquire about the services you provide.
  5. People love winning things. Sponsor a contest through the Internet or your locality, and offer a prize. Make sure in order to enter the contest the participant must visit your Web site or place of business.
  6. Print your URL or business name on pencils and pens. Give them to doctor's offices, schools, businesses, banks and so on. 
  7. Call local radio stations or news and media outlets. Let all of them know you exist, and if they are interested in what you are doing, try to schedule a meeting or interview. You will be surprised to see how many sources of media are actually interested in what you are doing. Make yourself the latest news.
  8. Leave business cards/fliers everywhere you go. This includes public restrooms, restaurants, laundromats, markets and etc. 
  9. Use custom candy wrappers to promote your business name or Web address. M&M's and Hershey Bars both offer custom wrapping. This is a very clever and exciting way for a consumer to learn about a new product or service.
  10. Make your own press by writing articles, journals and news blurbs about your product or Web site and submitting them anywhere you can. Submit them to Web services, news outlets and radio shows. Bring a stack of articles to your local library. No one needs to know you are tooting your own horn. Write them as if you were reviewing your product as an outside consumer source. Not only will that get your name spread, but it will lead people to think others are already using and enjoying your product.

Use your imagination and let your creative side take the wheel. Make people wonder about you and what it is you do. Some of the best forms of advertisement are free. Keep your surroundings in mind and take advantage of them all. 

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