How to Write a Classified Ad

Knowing how to write a classified ad is a study in human psychology. The subtle turn of phrase that lends itself to the response mechanism in the average person is the holy grail of ad copy writing. Finding the right phrasing can make an ad in the classifieds stand out among the fray and increase sales.

The Opener
The anatomy of a classified ad is precise. The opening statement must grab the reader's attention instantly. This can be achieved in several ways. A provocative headline, a descriptive sentence or even a dollar amount can be used to keep a reader's interest. A strong opener can spell the difference between a good classified ad and a great one. By studying effective classified ads, you'll find a model for success.

Bullet Points
All effective ads in the classified section of the newspaper have one thing in common: bullet points. The effective use of bullet points can allow readers to find the exact information they need to make a decision. Writers of successful ad copy understand that readers scan over information. The more scannable the ad copy, the more likely it is to catch a reader's attention and hold it. Bullet points should be used sparingly to communicate only the most important messages to the reader.

The language used in the writing of a classified ad is unique. Most classified ads are priced per word, so you must be brief. Beyond adding bullet points, choosing when and where to be more descriptive is the duty of the writer. An ad that doesn't get a response is not an effective resource. The clearest ads will get responses.

Writing With The Reader In Mind
Creating a connection to the reader is the most important goal of the classified ad writer. Every day hundreds upon thousands of people are wanting their classified ad to generate a quick and positive response. The tone in which the ad is written goes a long way toward creating an effective classified ad. The reader can become overwhelmed by the amount of classified ads in the marketplace today. With so much competition, it makes sense to give your ad every opportunity to speak to your customers in a personal and direct way.

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