Are Business Clothes Tax Deductible

Are business clothes tax deductible? For those of us who are required to wear a specific uniform, the benefit to purchasing it is the possibility of getting that money back. It may be difficult to believe, but some employers require specific uniforms without providing any reimbursement when the employee purchases these items. For example, construction workers who must buy their own hard hats, protective glasses and special boots can benefit greatly from this tax deduction. In order to take advantage of this tax deduction, you should keep meticulous records and receipts.

What is and isn't covered?
If you're looking for possible tax deductions, keep in mind that most business clothes are not deductible. For example, a business suit is not tax deductible. Some people may argue that they wear business suits exclusively for work, but the IRS only allows for clothing that cannot be worn in any other setting than your work environment. It is possible to wear a business suit outside of a work environment, but it is far less likely that you will wear a firefighter's uniform when off duty. This deduction provides relief for nurses, postal workers and bus drivers, just to name a few. You may also claim a deduction for any article of clothing that contains a company logo.

What do I need to do around tax time if my clothes are covered?
Work-related clothes are deductible under miscellaneous business deductions. The important thing to remember with miscellaneous deductions is that your total amount of deductions must be equal to 2% of your Adjusted Gross Income. If your deductions are less than 2%, you will not find any relief. Fortunately, other expenses can be added to raise the total amount of miscellaneous deductions. This includes job-hunting expenses, business traveling costs and any tuition you paid for classes or degrees to improve your job performance. Be prepared to provide any and all documentation to support your claims.

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