Great Charity Event Ideas

You have many charity event ideas to choose from, whether your cause is large or small. Community charities can benefit from a fresh, fun and special event that not only educates the public about your purpose but also provides volunteers and donors with a positive feeling of helping the community.

Charity Golf Tournament
Golf is a classic fundraising event, as golf is well liked by so many people. Whether you charge people to play or get business sponsorships, a charity golf tournament can raise significant funds, especially if you include auctions, sponsorships and other side events.

Selling Items for Charity
Selling items where some of the proceeds go to charity is also a common fundraising tool. From cookie dough and flower bulbs to Christmas cards and candles, volunteers try to sell quality items to people interested in getting something for their money for a worthy cause. Even auctions make it fun to raise money for charity-choose a traditional auction or the increasingly popular silent auction. Schools, churches, youth groups and other smaller organizations generally hold these charity events.

Receptions and Cocktail Parties
Fancy hotels, posh resorts and luxurious concert halls are the sites of more elegant fundraising parties and charity events. Try a symphony where all ticket proceeds go to benefit a cause. Hold a cocktail party with some of the more prominent members of the community present. Feature a motivational speaker or celebrity speaker at a fundraising venue. With elegant cuisine and plenty of successful businessmen and women present, a reception fundraiser can be a lucrative way to raise money for charity. The crowds may be smaller, but the checks might be bigger.

Get Active
Holding a marathon, walk-a-thon or other activity that brings in sponsors and volunteers raises both money and visibility. These activities are perfect for any age group and ability, and it's possible for your race tradition to become an annual event. With colorful T-shirts or pins, everyone will recognize your cause.

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