Sample Letter Asking for Donations

When fundraising, consult sample letters asking for donations before writing one of your own. There are several successful examples of just the right way to approach potential donors for contributions. A letter that is too forward will not get the desired response, while a letter that is too passively worded will suffer the same fate. Learn how to pen an assertive request for a donation with these tips.

First Paragraph: The first part of a donation solicitation letter should outline the goals and accomplishments of the organization. Whether it's a non-profit charity, a local arts council or a school fundraiser, write snappy and captivating sentences about the group:

"The Central Children's Organization is a non-profit group dedicated to providing constructive after-school programs for impoverished youth in the tri-city area. With more than 2,500 children enrolled in our programs, it's more important than ever that the CCO provide classes in art, music, theater and dance for children seeking a better life."

Second Paragraph: This section of the donations letter should outline the benefits that donations provide to the organization. Be direct and sensible, and use specific numbers whenever possible. Finish the section by stating how much the organization depends on such contributions:

"The CCO was started by a mixture of federal grants and state budget allowances; however, because of the overwhelming positive impact of the program and our desire to never turn away an interested child, we depend on personal and corporate contributions to survive. The cost to enroll just one child in CCO for the year is $235. Every donation that comes in means that another child can participate in these important after-school programs."

Third Paragraph: The final section of the letter should address the potential donor directly and ask for a donation. The tone should be friendly and courteous, with a hint of timeliness. Provide donation information that is easy to read and simple to follow:

"You can make the difference in the life of a child with a generous donation of $5, $15, $50 or $150. We are looking to add more than 200 children to our programs in the coming academic year, but our funding must be in place to go forward. Each donation will change the life of a child for the better, so act now and contribute what you can to OCC. [contact and donation information here]."

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