Planning for Funeral Costs

Funeral costs are nothing to ignore. These days a funeral can cost as much as a few months' salary. This definitely isn't an expense you want to be hit with when a family member dies, and it isn't something that you want to leave your loved ones with after you are gone. Planning for funeral costs ahead of time is the best way to save yourself or your family some stress and scrambling.

Why Plan Ahead? Pre-planning a funeral is becoming more popular. Even though people don't like to think about death, pre-planning a funeral is a smart idea. Not only will you save on costs, but you or your family member will also get to have a say in how the service takes place. Funeral costs are the main reason why people decide to pre-plan a funeral. These days, the average funeral costs $6,000 for a modest service.

Choosing a Funeral Home: You can get started on this part of the process by comparison shopping with several different funeral homes in your area. You can look online for feedback on specific funeral homes and their performance in the past. Keep in mind that local funeral homes are sometimes connected with national chains. If having your funeral with a mortuary that is actually local and not part of a chain is important to you, be sure to ask.

Creating a Package: If you visit a funeral home in person or call them by phone, they are required by law to give you a detailed breakdown of their services and the costs. Look over the list, and decide what type of funeral you want. You can then create your own package based on the prices on the price list. Some funeral homes will have special packages with price discounts.

Paying in Advance: Be sure to ask the funeral home if they take pre-payment plans. This way, you can arrange for a certain collection of services and then make payments on your funeral ahead of time. Funeral homes will often offer price breaks for pre-payments. If your funeral home doesn't take pre-payment, you can always set up a separate savings account for your funeral costs. Arrange with your bank to have a certain amount of money withdrawn from your checking account into savings each month. Just $25 a month could be enough to offset a large portion of your future funeral costs.

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