How to Write a Funeral Program

Learning how to write a funeral program is not hard, but you will be under stress if you are planning a funeral. A funeral program is actually fairly simple. It outlines on paper the order of events that take place during a memorial or funeral service.

The Front Cover: A funeral program almost always features a photo of the deceased on the front cover. It can be a younger picture or one that reflects how the deceased looked recently. The full name, date, time and location of the service are also included near the picture on the front cover. Often, there are three words used to summarize the life of the deceased. For example, "Son, Husband, Father" or "Daughter, Sister, Friend." Sometimes, a short scripture or verse is included as well.

The Service: Inside the funeral program, the order of the memorial service is outlined and includes the part of the service as well as who will be participating. Because there is a range of participation given at funerals, it's a good idea to list a title or description, as well as the participant's name and relation to the deceased. For example, "Scripture reading by Jane Doe, niece."

Readings: Funeral services might include anything from poems, hymns and scripture reading to the reading of an obituary or eulogy. Some services even include some time for friends and family to share stories about the deceased with the assembled guests. The order of the service and the readings should be confirmed with a family member before printing the funeral program. They should also check for spelling errors or omissions.

The Back Cover: On the back cover of the funeral program, it's a nice touch to list a special note of thanks from the friends and family of the deceased. Often, pallbearers are listed there as well, or a short biography of the deceased. You can also include a scripture or short poem on the back cover as a message of hope.

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