How to Write a Resolution for a Funeral

Wondering how to write a resolution for a funeral? Arranging for funeral flowers, dealing with funeral insurance and simply arranging the thousand details of funeral planning can be a difficult task for family members who are grieving. If you're trying to write a resolution, you can keep it simple and follow a basic format to create a loving and respectful tribute.

What's the difference between a funeral resolution and a eulogy?
A eulogy is a speech given by friends or family members in honor of the deceased, typically with the intent of celebrating his life. A eulogy may be filled with anecdotes or affectionate stories.

A funeral resolution, on the other hand, is an official church document stored in the burial records. It's designed to honor the deceased and ease his passing by recognizing his relationship with God and making mention of any good works throughout his lifetime. Make sure you know which one you're supposed to deliver, as a eulogy and funeral resolution have different requirements.

Title And Introduction
Because it's a formal document saved in church archives, your funeral resolution must follow a specific format. Start with the title. The title should be centered at the top of the page. You can title it something as simple as "Resolution of Respect for" or "Resolution in Loving Memory of" the deceased.

The introduction should state the name of the deceased, and the date of death. The introduction typically talks about the relationship that the deceased had with God, and it may include a poem or pieces of scripture.

Whereas Statements
The whereas statements compose the bulk of the resolution. Whereas statements include information about accomplishments that the individual achieved in life, or contributions that he made to the community.

These statements start with the word "whereas" and may say "Whereas the deceased spent two years on a mission to bring the word of God to Africa," or "Whereas the deceased was a dedicated family member much loved by his wife and children."

Whereas statements each get their own line, and, in theory you can include as many as you like, but most churches recommend keeping resolutions to under two pages.

Therefore Statements
The therefore statements are the conclusion of the resolution. These statements are what actually form the resolution part of the document. You generally have only a few resolutions. Examples of resolutions include:

"Therefore be it resolved that"-and some variation of showing support for the family.
"Therefore be it resolved that"-with a resolution regarding official ceremonies of mourning or other signs of respect for the deceased.

The resolutions are typically in the form of respect, love and condolences for the family, or rituals to demonstrate love for the deceased. These may be action items, such as steps that the church or family is going to take upon completion of the resolution, or they may simply be a show of support for the family.

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