Preparing General Power of Attorney for Child Care

To give someone the general power of attorney is to give him or her legal authority to make decisions on your behalf, should you be unable or incapable of doing so. Power of attorney for child care is a limited power of attorney status that gives your designated agent decision-making ability with regards to any of your minor children.

Basically, a power of attorney for child care gives your appointed agent custody of any minor children and allows them to make legal decisions for them, just as a parent would do. Such decisions generally include medical decisions, but they can also include education, extracurricular and other custodial decisions.

The responsibilities and powers that are usually included in a power of attorney child care document include caring for the safety and welfare of the child, allowing consent for preventative and emergency medical treatments, monitoring the education and school activities of the child, enrolling in sporting events and also any disciplinary actions concerning the child.

There are certain situations where you might want to draw up a power of attorney for child care contract. If you travel frequently without your children, you can give temporary power of attorney to their caretakers. You can have a power of attorney drawn up for if you are in the hospital, a single parent called to active duty or are otherwise unable to provide proper temporary care for your child. Power of attorney for child care is not effective when you are disabled or deceased. It is simply a transfer of legal guardianship for when you are absent.

Not all of your parental rights are transferred into a power of attorney for child care. For example, the agent cannot chose to adopt your child or put your child up for adoption, they cannot give permission for a minor child to marry. A power of attorney for child care transfers decision-making power on schooling, medical care and other daily or weekly needs the child faces.

Most power of attorney for child care documents are similar from state to state and require a notary public and signature of two witnesses to make it valid. You can find standard documents and forms online or contact an attorney to create a power of attorney for child care to fit any unique needs. Generally, a document like this lasts for six months, unless a notice of revocation of power of attorney is completed.

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