Finding Classic Chevy Trucks

Finding classic Chevy trucks can be difficult, depending on the year you are looking for. If you are looking for a Chevy truck from the -50s and -60s, you will have to scour newspaper ads, car shows and classic car auctions. Most of these trucks are now considered antiques, so there's a good amount of competition to find working models.

For newer Chevy trucks, you can use the same avenues, but you may also be able to find them in junkyards and fields. Some people just leave old vehicles sitting in fields. If it's a public space, the truck is yours to haul away. If it's not, make sure you talk to the landowner before trying to move the truck. It could be there for a reason. In most cases, though, the landowner will be happy to have the truck taken away.

Another avenue is to network. A friend of a friend may have an old Chevy truck sitting in the garage or barn that they might be willing to sell to you.

Evaluating Condition
If you're hauling a truck out of a field, expect that it won't run and will have some major body and mechanical issues. If you're buying a Chevy truck you found at an auction, car show or through the classifieds, check the truck for extensive rust and other problems, unless you know you are buying a project car that you plan to heavily customize. 

Before purchasing a classic Chevy truck, you should make sure parts are available. If parts are not available, you or someone you know should be adept at working with sheet metal, so that you can fabricate body panels, if needed. The engine parts are most likely going to be available, as not much changed in the engines over the years until 1972, when computers were becoming popular in cars.

Because Chevy motors and transmissions are commonly used for racing, the transmission parts should be easy to find, even for the older Powerglide transmissions and the TH-350 and TH-400 models. Most Chevy transmissions are also interchangeable, though you may have to shorten or lengthen the driveshaft to get the transmission to fit properly. 

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