Most Popular Classic Chevy Cars

Many manufacturers had a big part in putting classic cars on the map, and Chevy is one of those important contributors. With so many cars to choose from, the same makes and models seem to appear on lots of magazine and individual 'most popular classic Chevy favorites' lists. See if you can find yours.

Chevy Bel Air. First manufactured in the mid-1950s, the meticulously designed Bel Air took the auto world by storm. They were so popular that Chevrolet started using the name Bel Air synonymously for any of its hard-top cars. While the true Chevy Bel Air was manufactured up until the mid-1970s, collectors especially love the 1960s models.

Chevy Corvette. In its freshman year in 1953, only 300 Chevy Corvettes were built by hand, and these sought-after models now have a million-dollar price tag. Manufactured as the first two-seat American sport car, Corvettes still remain the ultimate Chevy symbol for drivers and collectors who enjoy the race car look and want American products.

Chevy Camaro. Camaro or Mustang? To Chevy lovers the answer is a no-brainer. The Camaro was Chevy's successful attempt to break into the 'pony market' and was a direct competitor to the Ford Mustang. It is a debate that never fully went away, especially since both models continued into the 21st century. The Camaro still retains its popularity among Chevy lovers, especially the iconic 1960s models that are highly desirable among collectors.

Chevy Impala. This popular model, while different from its predecessor, followed on the heels of the Bel Air in 1958. The 1965 Chevy Impala holds a record of more than 1 million sold, making it not only one of the most popular Chevys, but also a best-selling classic car of that decade. One of the Impala models, the 409ci V-8, was one of the first muscle cars and was the subject of the popular song 409 by the Beach Boys.

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